Our Impact

Our hope is to impact the lives of thousands of children across the United States by providing them with gently used or brand new FREE diverse books.  Books will either be given directly to deserving children to start their own home library,  or they will be given to underfunded schools/organizations where there is a need.  Ultimately, our goal is to collect at least 2,500 (or more) children's books from generous and willing donors across the country.



Dollars Raised (OUR goal)

Our fundraising goal is to raise at least $1,500 to help cover the cost of  shipping all collected books to each state (with the exception of Connecticut).  We will also use the money to purchase any new or used books in the event we don't meet our goal of collecting 50 books for each state.



Years Serving communities

Our mother is the creator of  the blog and brand Here Wee Read.  She has been an advocate and champion for literacy for over four years.  This is our first community serviced based family project.



Thousand books COLLECTED (Our goal)

We have a goal to collect 50 books for each of the 50 United States for a total of 2,500+ books.